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the Online Dating Association

The global voice in the online dating industry. Our mission is to promote safe, responsible and enjoyable online dating experiences for everyone.

In 2014, the online dating sector came together to create the ODA – a unifying force committed to setting industry standards and speaking out with one powerful voice.

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At the Online Dating Association, we’re more than just a trade association – we’re a movement for positive change in the online dating sector. Our vision is a world where online dating is safe, inclusive, and fosters many happy relationships.

We work tirelessly to represent the unified voice of the sector, putting trust and safety first in everything we do. Our mission is to encourage innovative solutions to challenges, while creating a safe, trustworthy, and positive dating experience for all consumers.

As the recognized voice of the online dating sector, we’re supported by a membership that believes in trust, safety, and privacy. We work with members and partners to set standards for good practice, promote positive PR campaigns, and engage with policymakers to advocate for policies that support the sector.

Through high-quality research, thought-leadership opportunities, and resources that empower smart online dating, we’re changing the narrative around online dating. Join us in creating a brighter future for online dating!


Standards & Guidance

Our Guiding Principles

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We believe that collaboration is key. That’s why we work together to develop sector standards, dater safety guidance, and other content to benefit everyone.

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We prioritise inclusivity. Our dating standards and materials promote safety and wellbeing for all services and agencies.

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Compliance is crucial. We prioritise legal compliance and safeguarding personal data, privacy, and consumer protection law for dating service providers.

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We conduct research, gather public opinion, and seek advice from the sector to ensure our work is evidence-based and influential.

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We respond constructively to regulators, the media, and other agencies. We share data and explain the sectorand how it works in as clear and honest a way as possible.

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Our goal is to promote customer choice and value for dating services by establishing regulatory environments that support their operation.

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We will look to our members to be clear with users and others on their support for the Association and their commitment to the standards the ODA develops and promotes.

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We will work to promote the belief no dating service should act in ways that bring the dating industry into disrepute. Membership is subject to this principle.

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