Join ODA Associates for a thriving digital dating industry.

As an ODA Associate, you’ll be part of a community of like-minded individuals and organizations who are dedicated to creating a safe, positive, and empowering online dating experience for all.

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Why join the ODA?
  1. Associate your business with the quality of the ODA, signifying a commitment to trust, safety and the standards
  2. Use of the ODA Associate icon to signify the above
  3. Share best practice and specialist knowledge with ODA members
  4. Networking with ODA members and other Associates
  5. Marketing and events opportunities for engagement with the online dating sector
What the ODA can offer you as an Associate
  1. Exemplification of your company’s commitment to the ODA standards
  2. Regular communications from the ODA on policy, regulation, media and PR and the opportunity to be involved with campaigns and influencing activity, both proactive and reactive
  3. Sharing insight and evidence with the ODA, with the broader sector, and be a part of commissioned research
  4. Participation in and/or delivery of member-only and sector-wide events, which involve networking, roundtables with experts and social opportunities
  5. Marketing and knowledge sharing opportunities in the newsletter and on the website
What the ODA asks of Associates
  1. Support the standards of the ODA, adhere to them, and support in any work on updating
  2. Support the ODA advocacy, PR campaigns and events
  3. Share insight and evidence with the ODA when asked, and participate in research and data collection
  4. Be considerate when pitching to ODA members
Guidelines for Associate Status

It is essential for Associates to:

  • be interested in Trust and Safety, and align with the ODA
  • demonstrate why they are interested in joining the ODA
  • have at least one significant customer before joining*
  • not bring the ODA and industry into disrepute, or have the potential to bring the ODA into disrepute
  • process data in a transparent manner and in line with all applicable legislation and regulation, following ODA guidance
  • not have an interest in opposition to the ODA mission, vision and standards
  • not have a problematic legal history
Associate Cost

Based on Associate’s annual turnover. Fees range from £1k to £7k.

A couple of last points

Our mix of Associate companies means you may not be the sole “type” in your sector (ie payments, privacy).

Associates do not have voting rights and are not required to give notice to terminate the arrangement.

For more information, please contact [email protected].

* If you do not yet meet the criteria to be an Associate but would like to be involved as a start up or new business please get in touch at [email protected].

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