Make a difference: become an ODA member today.

The ODA is the trade association recognised internationally as the voice of the sector, working to create and promote standards that help services deliver user trust and confidence.

Why join the ODA?
  1. Make your voice heard as part of the trade association for the sector
  2. Support the independent voice of the ODA with lawmakers, regulators and stakeholders and know what is happening with relevant Public relations and Government policy
  3. Share your experiences, evidence, and challenges with peers, with opportunities in networking and thought leadership
  4. Be recognised for your company’s commitment to standards, trust, and best practice with the ODA icon
What the ODA can offer you as a Member
  1. Exemplification of your company’s commitment to the ODA standards, and the opportunity to structure the standards
  2. Regular communications from the ODA on policy, regulation, media and PR and the opportunity to be involved with campaigns and influencing activity, both proactive and reactive
  3. Sharing insight and evidence with the ODA, with the broader sector, and be a part of commissioned research and thought-leadership
  4. Participation in member-only events, which involve networking, roundtables with experts and social opportunities
  5. ODA Member Badge available for all comms, press and media
What the ODA asks of Members
  1. Support and align to the standards of the ODA
  2. Support advocacy and PR campaigns
  3. Share insight and evidence with the ODA when asked, and participate in research and data collection
  4. Support the ODA, and attend the Annual General Meeting
Guidelines for Membership

It is essential for Members to:

  1.  be committed to trust, safety and the ODA standards
  2.  offer an online dating platform or service, whose core purpose is to foster romantic relationships
  3.  be committed to the ‘membership ask’ (see above)
  4.  have revenue and been operating for at least 6 months*
  5.  adhere to the Articles of Association and must give 6 months’ notice to leave
  6.  engage in anti-fraud behaviours and utilise human/AI moderation on the platform
  7.  process data in a transparent manner and in line with all applicable legislation and regulation, following ODA guidance
  8.  not have an interest which is in opposition to the ODA mission, vision and standards
  9.  pass the review by ODA staff (see separate document)
  10.  not have lawsuits or undertake problematic business practices
  11.  not have the potential to bring the ODA into disrepute
  12.  not be one of, but not limited to, a sugar dating platform, adult entertainment platform or foreign bride platform
Membership Cost

Our fees are based on your annual global turnover and are available on request. Fees start at £550.

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